Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Speed of alarm activation.

Greetings Cronapress Blogreaders, Cronapressman here with more tech tips.
Today I'd like to cover what we at Cronapress consider a very important issue. 'Speed of alarm activation'.
Let's just imagine for a moment that an affray incident takes place-
It's a one on one situation......
The assailant is bigger and stronger........
There's little are defending yourself and you have moments to reach out and strike the alarm strip before being wrestled to the ground.......
The strip is hit..........theres's no second chance !
                                                       But, the alarm hasn't sounded !
What's gone wrong ? The alarm is monitored for line faults so it should work !!!!!
Probability suggests that the alarm unit is a nurse call alarm or worse a reconfigured burgular alarm.
The electrical contact time needed to make one of these work would be in the region of 250mS.
Hey, how fast does it have to be Cronapressman? Well, there are no rules but you must surely want the best ? 250mS is a long time in an volatile situation. Try this experiment - Stand 1mtr from a wall, arm down by your side, reach out, strike the wall and drop your arm back to your side. How long did that take? I'll bet it took nearly 2 seconds. Imagine adding a full 1/4 second to that ! 12% extra !!!!!!

Cronapress have the answer - Our Intergrator has many functions but today we will look at it's activation speed. The Cronapress intergrator only needs a 5mS contact to latch!!!!!!
It's a must have where staff safety is an issue, and let's face it you wouldn't be fitting the affray strips if you were not serious on this matter.

The Cronapress Intergrator is faster than the fastest press!!! True!!!!
Toshiyuki Takahashi from Japan can push a button 16 times a second ! Phew, that's an amazing 62mS per push!
Here's a link to his video. Fastest Button Presser in the World  (but not as fast as a Cronapress latch!)
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