Wednesday, 11 November 2015

No Strings!

Now setting the standard are the new Cronapress Disabled Toilet Alarms. Using low level and vertical call points to cover all possible emergencies.  No pull strings to cut or tie up. All areas covered 24/7. 

Disabled Toilet Alarm Strip image

Illuminated call points give assurance the system is working..
Flashing call points means the alarm is activated and help is on its way.
No illumination ? The fault monitoring has detected a fault and sent warning to the control panel. 

Our vandal resistant BS8300 compliant Folknoll manufactured disabled toilet alarm systems provides cost-effective solutions supplied as standard or built as bespoke units. We offer stand-alone toilet alarms, multiple toilet alarms with remote monitoring and combined systems with disabled refuge EVC, fire telephone, building alarms, etc. Interfaces for BMS and transmission over IP are also available. Ideal for shops, offices, hotels, factories and similar locations.
All of our systems are assembled from high quality units tailored for your site.
Our range can be used to construct stand-alone system for single toilets or site-wide systems with multiple monitoring stations, central control stations, BMS interfaces etc. Individual alarms can be grouped and monitored locally and/or from a central monitoring stations. All systems are battery backed for peace of mind during power outages.

Additional options include, remote monitoring over copper / fibre / IP, customised indicator panels, integration with disabled refuge and other alarms, 3rd party interfaces.

Have you covered all risks? Our risk assessment form below will help you not only review your current alarm situation but help chose the correct system to suit your needs.
Click this download link for your own risk assessment PDF copy 
or ring Cronapress 01943 876600 for more details

Check- Reason- Pass?
Full Fault Monitored System Many affray and assurance alarms fail new risk assessment criteria as they are not constantly monitored. Ensure the circuit is linked in series with end of line monitoring.
Click here to find out about combatting interference
Fast Press Most affray systems that have end of line monitoring are Fire systems derivatives and have a slow reaction time of over 250ms to 1000ms to overcome nuisance contacts. This is not fit for purpose. Our contact capture time is approximately 10ms and captures the activation. Note 1  
Press not Release to activate Occasionally alarms systems require a press and release to activate. Again this is not acceptable as the strip is unusable if an object is used to keep the strip contact closed.  
Visual Communication If the section to be used can be avoided as visual aids (Not Lit) confirm the area is without affray facilities then risks can be avoided.
See how Cronapress Illumination works here.
Robustness In general the weakest link to an affray strip will be the end cap where often the wall mountings are compromised. If the cap is loose or weak issues can arise.
Click here to see how robust Cronapress end caps are.
IP65 Specify IP65 where needed -
Very Low temperature Information required