Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Fitting a Sunken 20mm Conduit junction box & Safezone End Cap Plate

Greetings Cronapress blog readers. Cronapressman here with more 'live' Safezone fitting tips. 
Our project today will be to sink a 20mm galavanised conduit into the wall terminating with a BASA junction box. This will be used to secure the Safezone End Cap Plate so a firm and accurate mounting MUST be achieved.. Once again I will be using basic/easily accessible tools to illustrate how this can be done.

The galvanised BASA junction boxes usually have an external diameter of 65mm. Using a Hollow Hammer Drill Bit of 80mm I bored into the masonary to a depth of just over 30mm. Neatly chiseling out the internal waste. The Hollow Hammer Drill Bit has a central pilot drill for guidance during drilling and the hole left by that should be kept in good condition for use later to fix the galvanised BASA junction box.

Cutting the channel for the tube is next, This also needs to be cut to a depth of just over 30mm. I used an angle grinder fitted with masonry cutting disc to achieve two straight and neat edges. Once again the central waste was cleared with a chisel. 
It is obvious that in most cases dust during the cutting process will be an issue so the use of a wall chaser (rather than angle grinder) with suitable dust extraction would be advisable for this task.

Using the Cronapress back box alignment tool I accurately bored a 4mm hole through the center of the BASA box. This central hole matches the central hole in the wall recess. 

Using suitable sized Rawlplug and screw the alignment tool was used again to seat the BASA box level with the wall surface. The BASA box was seated on a bed of 'Anti-pick' building filler/adhesive, screwed firmly in position, finally checked again for flush mount and allowed to cure for 24 hours as recommended by the adhesive manufacturer.(paper packing's compensating for wall irregularities)

Anti-pick was again used in this instance as a filler. As always working to manufacturer's instructions to insure compliance to Home Office requirements and maximum strength.

Painted, alarm cabled and ready for mounting the Safezone End Cap Plate and Safezone alarm strip.

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