Friday, 28 March 2014

Bespoke Switches and Buttons

 Greetings once again to the Cronapress blog.
Today my blog will cover our range of switches and buttons......These are all of 'switchtastic' quality.
That means branded switch gear from recognised sources !!! We use only ITW, Apem and Acal. These are backed up with appropriate specification literature and RoSH compliance.
It makes sense, so don't undermine your own quality standards and values by fitting anything but the best.
Bespoke - We can arrange laser cutting of the backing plate to your own DXF drawings, or we can produce CAD/DXF  drawings and laser too from your sample or sketch.
Usually produced in Brush Finished Stainless DP1, deburred and with countersunk fixing holes as appropriate.
Deep filled engraving available in a variety of colours.
Company logos can be laser etched on plate subject to minimum order.

We generally have in stock PRESS TO EXIT green mushroom button switch plates.

Below are examples of switches produced for customers, but the list is endless, try us.

Cronapressman signing off until next time.
Remember - If it looks right it will be right ! If it doesn't - you guessed it - it won't !
and that applies to switches and buttons too !!!!!!!!!!


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